We seek to invest in
and support the best entrepreneurs - those bold enough to want to change the system and impact millions of lives.


“Identifying talented entrepreneurs and helping them through the painstaking process of building a great company is something we are passionate about. We believe we will see more entrepreneurs whose missions are to serve the tens of millions of people whose lives can be improved by innovations that allow them to receive the absolute best
quality of care.”
— Trevor Price, General Partner


Let's build better health care together.

At Town Hall Ventures, we seek to partner with entrepreneurs who are as passionate as we are about changing our health care system. When we invest, we will make a substantial commitment of our time, network and resources to support entrepreneurs and their investors through the ups and downs of building successful companies. It’s why we choose to invest in fewer opportunities than most and only in the most impactful  - focusing all of our energy working side-by-side with our Partners to create and scale the breakthrough companies that will transform health care.