When an industry
fails large numbers
of people, entrepreneurs disrupt the system and
deliver better solutions. Health care is ripe for change and ready for innovation.  


“We have a significant health care infrastructure serving healthy populations while lower-income communities go underserved. We are at the beginning of a wave of innovation serving Medicare and Medicaid populations. Town Hall is being formed to help lead this massive and necessary shift. The answers are not always traditional; they involve investments in underlying systemic issues.”  
— Andy Slavitt, General Partner


Our Obsession: Using innovation to fix health inequities

Those fortunate enough to be born in the right zip code live longer and healthier lives than those in communities next door - even when their health issues are the same. For many children, people of color, the elderly, those living with disabilities, or individuals with lower incomes, even common medical conditions can lead to worse outcomes.

This takes a toll across the country: social, emotional, and medical needs are not met; work is missed; preventive, routine and chronic care is hard to access, or it is too late, and delivered in expensive and impersonal settings.

Innovations aimed at improving care have been slow to come to areas that need it most, including: primary care, mental health, addiction, end-of-life care, kidney care, maternity and newborn health. The costs of ignoring these issues are carried by everyone.

We have an opportunity to shift investment away from nice-to-have ideas to proven solutions that improve care for populations that have long been underserved. And by doing so, improve health and cost outcomes for everyone.

Enter the mission-driven entrepreneur.

Over the past few years, innovative health care delivery approaches that serve Medicare populations have begun to emerge. Entrepreneurs have brought a new focus on reinvigorating primary care and pushing care into more comfortable settings. These models are just getting started, touching only 2% of the Medicare population today, but have tremendous potential to transform health for millions more.

Thanks to an improved set of incentives, similar innovation is now coming to Medicaid. Entrepreneurs are beginning to focus on the needs of this population with the goal of dramatically improving health outcomes for patients and providing value to the hospitals, managed care plans, and State and Federal governments who care for them.

Companies who create effective solutions to these challenges have the opportunity to improve the lives of 120 million Americans.

At Town Hall, we are looking to partner with entrepreneurs passionate about changing our health care system.